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Info & policies

- Payment

a) Cash only, In shop and deliveries. we do not accept cards and cheques.


- Delivery

a) The delivery charge will be added at the end of the order after you provided us with an address. The delivery charge will vary in price depending the range of delivery. If you would like to know the price of delivery charge please ask.

b) The delivery charge goes straight to the driver and the establishment will not take any cut of the price.

c) We will try to keep delivery charge fair but it is mostly depending on petrol prices.

- Orders

a) If you have any allergies please tell us and we will do the best to provide you the details you need, you are responsibility to provide us this information

b) If you have any requirements to change, please ask and we will try to cater to your needs 

i.e, No peas or extra peas

c) If Adding extra ingredients to the dish there will be extra charge to the dish.

- Recipes

a) Majority of the items are personally cooked and put together by the Chef and Owner. Therefore it will differ to other Chinese takeaway and restaurants styles.

(There will be no refunds for not liking the style of our food)

- Personal details

a) The personal details you provide us for delivery will not be kept or stored after the order.

This includes, name, phone number, address

b) There is a blacklist in place from fraud and scam cases by certain individuals, these details are kept until passed on to 


bi) If recorded on blacklist, the establishment and staff have the rights to not proceed with the order, if ordered the order will cancel automatically. No compromises 

- Corona virus

a) We are still following government guidelines therefore we will encourage to please keep the social distance and wearing of face masks


- Website

a) is our only website, any information and live updates is ran by the owners

b) Google is also an option that can provide information and divert to our website

c) We DO NOT have any Menu's on any third party website therefore will not be responsible for wrong information that was not provided by us.

- Refund policy

a) Physical evidence of food intact and in its container if something is majorly wrong and brought back for owners inspection, before a partial refund is applicable. 

b) There will be NO FULL REFUNDS at any circumstances

c) Due to some fraud cases we will take action to the authorities/Police

- Shop floor

a) There are CCTV recording 24hours 7 days a week 

This will be updated and developed 

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