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The shop will be closed due to unforeseen circumstances tonight FRIDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 2023, Very sorry for any inconvenience

WE WILL BE OPEN AS NORMAL THE NEXT DAY ( Saturday 2nd September 2023)

Updated on 15th April 2023



MONDAY 5PM - 10:30PM


THURSDAY - 5PM - 10:30PM
FRIDAY - 5PM - 10:30PM

SATURDAY - 5PM - 10:30PM

SUNDAY - 5PM - 10:30PM


Updated on 18th May 2023

Updated on 15th April 2023

We are anticipating a new Menu in June 2023 / with slight changes

and alterations, updates in prices for all meals. Please be sure to keep a look out for new updates. All new information will be changed on the website menu tab promptly. Menu's will be available to be requested or picked up at the shop.  

Thank you


Hi everyone!

Monday- 5pm -11pm - last order 10:30-45pm

Tuesday-  CLOSED

Wednesday- 5pm -11pm - last order 10:30-45pm

Thursday- 5pm -11pm - last order 10:30-45pm

Friday- 5pm -11pm - last order 10:30-45pm

Saturday- 5pm -11pm - last order 10:30-45pm

Sunday- 5pm -11pm - last order 10:30-45pm

If you have not already, please take a look at our new menu!


16. BBQ spare ribs in Garlic Honey sauce - "All our spare ribs are homemade recipes"

16A. BBQ spare ribs in BBQ sauce - "Please try our new BBQ" sauce

77A. Crisy fried Chicken in Garlic Honey sauce  - "Another home made recipe, the garlic honey sauce have been praised,              Thank-you!"

T1-12 - Please try our new thai style dishes :) 

Updated on 25th March 2022


We have a new MENU. Please check it out on the menu tab or if you would like to have a physical copy please request one in shop. 

All items and prices are in effect as of today.

Updated on 1st December 2021

Welcome to our new web site!

I am sure you have explored our menu. These are our most up to date prices and dishes for you to choose from. Please note we do not accept any orders online , only by phone or in store and we only accept cash.


If you are using mobile please click on the PDF version of the Menu and don't be alarmed if another web page pops up. Hopefully this helps out.

Please keep a look out on our live updates for any new information regarding price changes, closures that may affect you.


Also a quick note: Please do not use information provided by

Thank you for your visit and we hope to see you soon for your next Tasty take away.

Updated on 10th June 2018

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